Grosvenor Park Media is an international media finance company with offices in Los Angeles. The company was founded in Toronto, Canada by Don Starr, and has specialized in entertainment filmed financing for 30 years. Grosvenor Park is a recognized leader in media finance, and has arranged over $1 billion in financing, for productions with budgets in excess of $5 billion for over 400 film and television productions. Its client base includes many major studios and numerous independent producers in North America, Europe and throughout the world.

Grosvenor Park has been a pioneer in the film and television sector from its beginnings in Canada. The company was instrumental in collaborating with the Canadian government in the 1980’s to develop and foster its production tax incentive program that fueled tremendous growth in the local film and television production sector. This program is the basis for many of today’s government-sponsored tax incentive programs, which have become an integral component of the financial structure of independent productions worldwide and most major studio productions. Grosvenor Park continues to be a leader in the media financing arena, recognizing and driving emerging strategies for motion picture financing.

Grosvenor Park recognizes that the current environment has created more opportunity for independent producers, and is actively investing in senior, gap and tax financing transactions. With its long history and deep understanding of regional tax incentives, Grosvenor Park remains one of the most active tax lenders in the film industry.